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Support Grid Used For Structured Packing

Very strong construction is not needed for support plates to be used with structured packing as the weight per unit cross section area of a bed of structured packing is not moderate.

Support plates are shaped and designed to provide maximum open area such that there is minimum resistance to gas flow. The factors that influence the choice and design of the support plate are the column diameter, design load, packing type, liquid hold up and system corrosivity.

All support plates rest directly on a support ring, since the weight of the packing is sufficient to keep the support plate in place. If required however, they can be clamped to the ring.

Material of construction (MOC) Stainless Steel
Function Support
Shape Round Plate
Key Characteristics Rigid structure, Corrosion proof finish, Dimensional accuracy, Dimensional stability, High durability, Compact construction
Application Chemical plant, Petrochemical industry, Oil refineries, Biotech industry


Support Grid Used For Structured Packing