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Pocketed Vane Type(KPT PME-2)

These mist eliminators separate liquid by impingement, coalescence and drainage on vane surface. They are particularly useful for applications with a high risk of fouling due to solid particulates or viscous liquids. They are manufactured in virtually any size. These mist eliminators are available in 3 different configurations such as Plain vane type mist eliminator, hooked vane type mist eliminator, Double hooked vane type mist eliminator.

Material of construction (MOC) : Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, nickel based alloys, titanium other material available on request.

Function : Support

Key Characteristics : Ideal for fouling applications, High liquid loads, Good turndown characteristics, Low pressure drop

Application : LNG Plants, Crude oil refineriesm Chemical plant evaporators, Gas Processing industries, Pulp Mills and sugar factories

Pocketed Vane Type(KPT PME-2)