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Knitted Mesh Type (KPT KME-1)

The knitted wire media provides surface area for entrained liquid droplets to strike, adhere and coalesce into a free flowing liquid film which drains by gravity.

Mesh Styles: Filament diameter, Filament surface area, Pad thickness, and Interfacial surface tension between the filament and collected liquid are the primary variables to consider in specifying a knitted mesh pad. The KPT KME-1 is a general purpose mesh. It is designed to remove fine water droplets even at a low pressure drop. We have developed many additional mesh styles to tweak the mist eliminator performance to your needs. Particles of sizes upto 3-5 micrometre can be removed.

Material of construction (MOC) : SS304, SS304L, SS316, SS316L, stainless steels, monel 400, hastelloy, nickel, SAF, incoloy and more as well as non-metals such as polypropylene, PTFE and fibreglass

Function : Support

Key Characteristics : Simple structure and lightweight, Grating and without grating types for choice, High filtering efficiency, Acid and alkali resistance, Corrosion and rust resistance, Various types and materials, Convenient to install and uninstall, Durable and long service life.

Application : Chemical industry, Petrochemical industry, Pharmacy, Light industry, Environmental protection, Water treatment industry.

Knitted Mesh Type (KPT KME-1)