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Multi Beam Support Used For Random Packing

Multi- Beam supports are used with random packing and serve as gas injection trays to distribute the gas evenly to bottom layers of packing.

Multi-beam packing support is widely used in the absorption tower, washing tower and distillation towers for random packing support. It has large open area, extremely low pressure drop and separate gas and liquid paths for high mass transfer efficiency.

Multi-beam packing support, as its name says, is made of several support beams. It can be made of carbon steel and stainless steel.

Material of construction (MOC) Stainless Steel, Metallic, Plastic, Ceramic, Graphite
Function Support
Shape Round, Slot and various other customized patterns
Key Characteristics Excellent stiffness, Lightweight and economical, Large open area, Wide range of opening available, Sectional design, Low pressure drop, Extremely high flux, High mass transfer efficiency
Application Chemical plant, Petrochemical industry, Oil refineries, Biotech industry


 Multi Beam Support Used For Random Packing