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Grid Structured Packing (KUB-G)

The KPT Grid Packing is an adaptation of the conventional structured packing which uses a smooth metal packing surface to eliminate areas on the packing where fouling can begin. These packing’s are developed for severe services susceptible to fouling, coking, erosion and applications involving high solid content.

The Grid packing has robust mechanical structure, fabricated in modules for easy installation and cleaning. The Grid Packing offers minimum pressure drop and high capacity.

Packing Types Surface Area (m2/m3)
KUB-G40L 40
KUB-G64L                                              64
KUB-G64M                                            64
KUB-G90M     90


Material of construction (MOC) : Stainless steel, Duplex Stainless Steel, Nickel Based Alloys.

Key Characteristics : High capacity and low pressure drop, High coking and fouling resistance, Corrosion and erosion resistance, Excellent mechanical strength, Reduced installation and removal time

Application : 

Fouling systems, corrosive environment, where frequent cleaning & replacement needed.

Ethylene primary fractionators, Atmospheric column over flash section, Ethylene water quench tower , Vacuum tower wash section, Flue gas scrubber.

Grid Structured Packing (KUB-G)